Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outfit Collage: Tour D'Amour

Tour D'Amour --

I was recently introduced to ModCloth, an online shopping destination featuring retro, indie, and vintage-inspired clothing styles. They have a ton of great clothes, shoes, accessories and even home decor items that are cute, quirky and full of character.

This outfit collage was created around ModCloth's Grand Ivory Tour Guide Top.

I picture this outfit being worn by a young woman touring the city of love -- Paris.

There's something so magical about Paris -- from the gorgeous architecture, to the little bistros and of course, the inimitable style embodied by the French.

I paired the tour guide top with high waisted black pants, and a pair of functional (but still stylish) booties. Accessories were kept to a minimum, using only a circle scarf, floppy hat, satchel and ring.

I imagine myself wearing this outfit while sipping on a café au lait and eating a pain au chocolat while reading Dear Old Love, an anonymous notes to former crushes, sweethearts, husbands, wives, and ones that got away. Très romantique, non?

What do you think of this ModCloth outfit?

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