Monday, July 8, 2013

WTF of the week: Vera Wang's REALLY oversized belt

Vera Wang - Couture Week 2013
Vera Wang at Couture Week - photo via

Starting off a new column on"WTF of the week" (it may have a name change...but that's all I could come up with today). I'm not one to shy away from crazy trends or eclectic pieces, but I can admit when something is just downright ridiculous. Which brings me to today's item...

Let's talk about Vera Wang's outfit of choice during Paris Couture Week. The designer took oversized to a whole new level with this ginormous black belt. Given Wang already has an uber-tiny frame, this belt accentuates it even more, and not in a good way. It really overwhelms her entire body. And I can't even imagine what it would be like to sit with that thing on...almost as bad as a corset, I'd say. Thankfully it's not fastened up tightly, because she would be having some serious issues with her ribcage attempting to poke through. Impracticality in fashion is one thing, but when it doesn't even look good? What's the point?

So I want to know, fashionistas...what do you think of Vera Wang's oversized belt?


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