Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold Weather Fashion Picks

Cold Weather Essentials --

Oooo baby, it's cold outside!

While I would love to stay in and hibernate in some flannel PJs and a heated blanket, life still goes on despite the freezing temperatures (the perks of living in Canada, eh?).

It is very difficult to be stylish when it's this cold outside. I don't care how many street style roundups there are of girls "doing winter style right,", there is NO way they are dealing with -35 degree weather. When it's this cold out, you need to break out the big guns: cashmere, wool, fur, shearling and down (sorry PETA).

Here are some cold fashion weather picks to keep you warm (while still looking somewhat stylish) this winter:

Parka: Sure, they may not be as attractive as a classic wool coat, but a down parka is guaranteed to keep you warm this winter. I've been living in this Yukon Classic Down Duffle Coat from Eddie Bauer. It's suitable for -35 degree weather, but is ultra lightweight. Plus, its extra-long length keeps my calves warm which is perfect for days when I feel like wearing a dress instead of pants.

Mittens: My dad swears by anything shearling -- and for good reason. J'adore these shearling mittens from the Hudson's Bay Company Collection because they're the perfect combo of luxe and cosy. They may not be touchscreen friendly, but in this kind of weather, I'd much rather leave my phone in my purse than risk frostbite.

Hat: One of my favourite things about winter? Toque season. I'm a sucker for Hudson Bay stripes, so it's no surprise that I'm obsessed with this Hudson Bay Collection Wool Toque With Fur Pom Pom. What better way to show off your Canadiana pride?

Boots: After a really disappointing experience with my Sorel boots (they left my feet cold and wet...), I'm sticking to my tried and true fave -- the UGG boot. You can say what you want about these infamous shearling boots, but they are the warmest boots you will ever wear. Though the traditional UGG boot isn't waterproof, these leather Adirondack Boots are. And with that shearling lining, your toes will stay toasty warm (and dry!)

Scarf: I'm in love with this merino wool snood from Club Monaco. Not only is it super stylish and warm, it also doubles as a mini wrap. Honourable mention goes to this rabbit fur snood from Danier which can also be worn as a hat!

What are some of your cold weather fashion essentials?

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  1. As a Canadian, I now see the value in a Canada Goose jacket, even though I hate the badge on the sleeve. Oh well, what can you do when you live in weather that goes down to -45 with the windchill

    Arielle from Tangled Musings