Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weekend beauty tip: The magic of tea tree oil tea tree oil

It's that time of year again, lovelies! September is here a.k.a. the January of the fashion world.

And with TIFF, NYFW and other amazing/awesome/uber-cool events and parties to go to and things to do, things are getting prettyyyy hectic.

I always find it ironic and hilarious (not!) that my skin decides to go crazy and pop out ginormous zits when I have to attend said amazing/awesome/uber-cool events/parties.

I know I shouldn't complain too much..I am pretty lucky that I don't really get pimples, but I do get that occasional under the skin zit (you know, those really painful ones), especially at times when I need to look extra good (prom, big date, wedding, etc.)

I've tried numerous products, and while some of them kind of did the trick, I usually would have to end up loading on pounds of concealer and powder in an attempt to cover it up and all it really did was get rid of the redness...but there was still an obvious LUMP visible.

BUT! I just recently found the magical all-natural solution to getting rid of giant (or even small) zits in no time.


Yes, I am putting that in HUGE writing, because THAT is how excited I am about sharing this secret with you (and for those of you who already knew about this...I am officially upset with you for not telling me sooner!) Honestly, just a dab on the pimple, and that sucker will deflate in no time.

A natural topical antiseptic, tea tree oil can also be used on cuts and burns (though it will sting) and for treatment of eczema. Though it does smell a bit funky (okay, a lot funky), I promise you it's totally worth it. And the best part is, it doesn't dry out your skin like most acne treatments do.

Pick some up at your health food store and let the magic begin!

Have you used tea tree oil before? What are you thoughts? Comment below, or tweet me @madelynchung.


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The original post recommended The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, however, I have since learned that The Body Shop doesn't sell pure tea tree oil; its version has only 15% of the oil itself and contains alcohol. I personally do not like to put alcohol on my face, so I have since edited the post (and photo). 


  1. Ouuuu I am definitely going to try this... thank you Madelyn!!!

    1. np! :) let me know how it goes! Try to get the pure tea tree oil though (at the health food stores) better!